US Tax Filing Services In India

«  Federal and State Tax Return filing.
«  Filing of FBAR - the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts.
«  Streamlined Foreign Offshore Compliance procedures.
«  FATCA Compliance and its related Advisory services.
«  Tax planning and advice.

US Tax Filing Advantages

«  Comfort of filing US taxes from India.
«  Complete services from tax preparation to filing.
«  Assistance of qualified tax advisors having expertise in India as well as the US taxes to help you optimize your total taxes.


Who Needs to File U.S. Taxes?

All U.S. citizens, Green card holders and Resident Aliens who meet the minimum income requirements or have taxes withheld by the U.S. Government are required to file a tax return regardless of where they live.
Any person who has performed services in the U.S or have income from U.S. sources or owns real estate in the U.S, will also need to file a return.

Why Should I File a U.S. Tax Return?
«  To ensure you don't face any visa issues returning to the U.S.
«  For claiming refund of Federal and State income tax withheld.
«  For getting admissions for children in U.S. colleges and universities.
«  For applying or surrendering the Green card and Citizenship.
«  For sponsoring citizenship for others.

Can I file my U.S. Tax Return myself?
Yes, you can certainly file your U.S. Tax Returns yourself. However, in our experience, first time filers often make an error choosing the right residency status, along with the right forms. Along with this, they donít realize that Indian Income also needs to be reported in certain cases, which can be adjusted later against Credits (deductions).

These errors can lead to underreporting of income which in turn can lead to punitive IRS action against such individual, especially if they intend to travel back to the U.S. for work in the future. Our tax experts can help filers understand these modalities and file the returns on their behalf.

US Tax Filing Process

1. Submit your enquiry.
2. Our expert contacts you to discuss your tax situation.
3. Our tax expert shares a secure URL to submit your documents and quotes a fee.
4. Our expert prepares your tax summary.
5. You approve the summary and pay for your return.
6. Tax expert will e-file the return or mail it to you.

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