NRI Taxation & E-Filing Features

«  Preparation and filing of income tax returns for Indians living abroad.
«  Holistic tax advice.
«  Advice relating to repatriation issues / foreign exchange regulations.
«  Liaising with the tax department.

NRI Tax Return Advantages

«  Expert assistance for NRI taxes and PAN card assistance too.
«  Secure online platform with services from a qualified expert tax advisor.
«  Proactive advice on India tax liability.
«  Year round access to documents from anywhere, anytime.


I am a non-resident. Should I file my tax returns in India?
You need to file your income tax returns if:

«  Your total income earned in India exceeds the basic exemption limit.
«  You have a refund.
«  You want the benefit of carrying forward of losses or want to set off your gains.
«  You have any taxable long term capital gains or certain short term capital gains on sale of investment or assets irrespective of the gain amount.

You need to file your income tax returns if:

Physical presence in India is not compulsory for filing returns. You can now e-verify your ITR from anywhere and we provide a detailed guidance for this. You can send the signed copy of ITR-V to the CPC Income Tax Department, Bengaluru. H&R Block offers support in this process as well.

As a non-resident, do I get the benefit of basic exemption?

Yes, you can get the benefit of basic exemption limit even being a non-resident. But if the income consists of only short term capital gains taxed at a special rate or long term capital gains then benefit of basic exemption limit is not available in respect of such gains.

Who is called Non-Resident Indian?

Non-Resident Indian (NRI) means a "person resident outside India" who is either a citizen of India or is a person of Indian origin.

How to determine the residential status in India?

1 Did you, being an Indian citizen leave India for the purpose of employment outside India during the FY, or
2 You, being an Indian citizen or a PIO, came for a visit in India during the FY, or
3 You being an Indian citizen leave India as a member of crew of an Indian ship

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